MagniTalk provides direct speech access to the Zoomtext Magnifier/Reader user interface, serving as a bridge between Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional and ZoomText technologies. This means that users of the Zoomtext Magnifier & Reader from AI Squared can more easily benefit from the advantages provided by Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional from Nuance Communications' continuous speech voice recognition software.

With these two programs working together, the dynamic MagniTalk interface can provide a computer system that can be used by individuals with varying abilities (and should be particularly helpful for low vision and learning different PC users). Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional and Zoomtext can be used and configured separately or in tandem, which can improve overall computing possibilities and provide increased user independence.

MagniTalk pricing includes initial phone/email installation support; additional technical support may be provided by the distributor, and additional support units may be purchased separately (either as bundled units in advance, or at the time of need).

Click this link to purchase MagniTalk from the EnableMart website.


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