Braille Writer Repair

American Printing House for the Blind

1839 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40206
Toll Free: 800-223-1839
Phone: 502-895-2405


Alan Ackley has been repairing Perkins Braillers for more than twenty years. He learned about braille and braillers in his spare time from his day job at the Iowa Commission for the Blind (ICB), where he worked first in the accounting department and now works in the library. After experimenting on his own with a "guinea pig" brailler provided by the ICB, "Braillerman" received factory training in Brailler repair and reconditioning and has worked on over 2000 Braillers for people and institutions all over the United States and Canada.

Ackley Appliance Service
4301 Park Avenue #540
Des Moines, IA 50321
Phone: 515-288-3931

The Selective Doctor

Bring your brailler back to life! The Selective Doctor, Inc., specializes in the repair of Perkins braillers.

  • Average turnaround time is about a week or less.
  • Labor charge is $60 per manual Perkins brailler, plus parts & postal insurance since they mail the braillers back to you thru the post office "Free Matter for the Blind".

You can send your brailler to: The Selective Doctor, Inc. P.O. Box 571 Manchester, MD 21102 If you send it UPS or FedEx the street address is: 3205 Laverne Circle Hampstead, MD 21074 Website:

Clark Brailler Repair Service

"I am a certified Perkins Braille Writer repair technician. I was employed by Howe Press as a Perkins Braille Writer assembler and repair technician and as an international Braille Writer repair trainer. I have been a teacher of the visually impaired for over 25 years and understand the importance of having a machine that works." Clark Brailler Repair Service Mary Jane Clark P.O. Box 1271 Rangeley, Maine 04970 Phone: 617-699-5045 Email: Web:

AIRC, The Foundation for Blind Children, Inc

AIRC, The Foundation for Blind Children, Inc. has been repairing braille writers for many years through a prison in the area. $55.00 per Braille Writer for maintenance. Cost of replacement parts are additional. 1235 E. Harmot Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85020 Phone: 602-331-1470 Web:

The Braillery

The Braillery provides complete brailler repair service as well as selling reconditioned braillewriters. They recondition foreign, domestic and out-of-production braillewriters. 5 Cumberland Circle El Paso, TX 79903 Phone: 915-565-0179 Email: resimon@the Web:

Howe Press

Perkins School for the Blind 175 North Beacon Street Watertown, MA 02172 Phone: 617-972-7308 Email:

Kentucky School for the Blind

If you live in Kentucky, they will repair Perkins braille writers for free.

1867 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40206
Phone: 502-897-1583


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