Miriani: Online Adventure Game for the Blind

By Jessica Pitzer

Miriani is a multi-player online roleplaying game in which you take on the role of a starship pilot. It is set in the year 2355, and things are quite a bit different than in our world today.

Their are 40 known sectors, which are populated by many planets, moons, and space stations. Some of the activities you can do are:

  • Become a pirate, and steal from other players.
  • Protect human space from aliens called praelor by fighting in invasions, and by participating in combat missions.
  • Asteroid hauling.
  • Salvaging Debris.
  • Planetary mining.
  • Couriering.
  • Trading.
  • Traveling through space, hunting for artifacts.
  • Mail delivery.
  • Passenger Transports.
  • Atmospheric Salvaging.
  • Archaeology.
  • Planetary surveying, both in space, and on the ground.

Miriani is a MOO, a Multi-User Domain - Object Oriented game that requires a MOO client. If your sighted I recommend VMoo from http://www.vmoo.com/download, and if your blind, I recommend either Monkey Term, or VIP Mud from http://www.gmagames.com/vipmud.shtml. Their are also a number of soundpacks that can be found on the internet, links to these can also be found on the in game message boards, and at http://www.toastsoft.net, who has a link to an older one for monkey term.

The hostname to connect to the MOO is toastsoft.net, and the port is 1234.

Click this link to learn more or play Miriani: http://toastsoft.net.


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