WinZoom Screen Magnifier and Reader

Clarity is a developer of innovative, portable products for people on the go who have some type of low vision condition. Whether it is students, business executives or the older population, many have found Clarity products to fit their lifestyle and improve their independence.

Clarity has announced new features for WinZoom, a plug and play Screen Magnifier and Reader. WinZoom contains several proprietary advancements like ClearPoint font smoothing which keeps the crystal clear text quality regardless of the zoom level. SmartAlign technology allows the user to re-align entire paragraphs to fit on the screen with a simple mouse click.

In addition, WinZoom supports 8 different viewing modes, ensuring a perfect zoom mode for any situation; contains several locators which allow the user to know where they are on the page at anytime; and has several mouse enhancements available to allow the user to customize their mouse size and color.

WinZoom USB is portable and will install on any Windows compatible computer with no software installation required. Simply plug WinZoom USB in and the autoplay function will launch the application immediately and let you use it without having to download any software or drivers. There is no administrative privileges required which is key when using a public computer, such as, ones at a hotel, library, school or even at a friends house. When you are done, just unplug WinZoom and there is no trace left on the computer.


  • XP, Vista, and Windows 7 compatible (including 64 bit)
  • 100% portable (USB Version)
  • Magnifier and Reader for one low price
  • Provides magnification between 1.5x-36x
  • Font smoothing for clear text
  • No administration privileges required
  • Zoom scroll bars
  • Reduces glare
For additional information or a FREE TRIAL, contact:: Clarity
6776 Preston Ave, Suite B
Livermore, CA 94551
Phone: 925-449-2000
x204 Toll Free: 800-575-1456 x204 Email:


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