QuickLook Basic Portable Video Magnifier

You'll love our latest low vision aid discovery. To help you read fine print on medicine labels, food packages, contracts or even read what you are writing, the QuickLook Basic Portable Video Magnifier is the perfect solution. This handy gadget enables you to magnify anything you are trying to read!

QuickLook Basic is a lightweight, full color, electronic print magnifier with an integrated LCD flat screen display. View photos magnified, enlarge the print on a prescription bottle, or read anything anywhere anytime with QuickLook. It's small enough to fit in the inside pocket of a jacket or a ladies' purse, but big enough to make a difference.

QuickLook Basic turns ON easily. Simply tilt the camera angle to the Reading" position, then the display will appear instantly. Writing is easy, too. Simply tilt the camera to the preset "Writing" position, then begin writing. Grip and hold QuickLook Basic in the most comfortable handheld position.

QuickLook's standard magnification is 6.5x. QuickLook Basic has proven useful for consumers who use even a 12x magnifying glass, particularly because of the wide 4.3" diagonal reading screen, the Positive or Reverse image enhancement, and Brightness level adjustments. Features include:

  • Lightweight and portable Compact size, easily fits into a ladies' purse or men's coat pocket!
  • No monitor needed it's built-in! Color, B/W, and Reverse Displays (4) Semi-Color Text/Background Choices: Yellow/Black Green/Black Yellow/Blue Blue/White Enhanced contrast modes for better readability of text.
  • Use it as you would use a magnifying glass, it can be orientated in any direction
  • Fast recharge Magnification ranges for ease of use
Click this link to purchase the QuickLook Basic Portable Video Magnifier from ActiveForever.


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