Parents and Visually Impaired Infants (PAVII)

Parents and Visually Impaired Infants

Parents and Visually Impaired Infants (PAVII) is a pack of print materials designed to help parents of infants who are visually impaired become involved as primary members of the intervention team. Includes:

  • Parent Assessment of Needs: Help identify home-based goals for infants.
  • Parent Observation Protocol: Covers parent observation of self and child through videotaping.
  • PAVII 'How-To' Papers on Assessment: Home-based assessment information.
  • The Art of Home Visiting: Responsibilities of a home visitor and issues in the home visit process.
  • Getting Ready for School: The learning environment, family factors, child factors, school district factors, expert input, and educational rights.
  • Learning Together: A Parent Guide to Socially Based Routines for Visually Impaired Infants: Help a baby learn during everyday activities (also available separately).

Materials come bound in a sturdy three-ring notebook. Recommended ages: birth to 3 years, primarily for parents.

Catalog Number: 7-96150-00

Learning Together only:
Catalog Number: 7-68660-00
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