Pre-Braille Puzzles

These puzzles are an awesome way for younger children to become accustomed to different textures. They can use them traditionally as puzzles, or for sorting the different textures. These can be found from "ocdac" on ebay and 100% of the final price benefit the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center.

"This 10" by 10" tactile foam puzzle is perfect for pre-braille readers. It is soft, safe, durable, and educational. The pieces "pop out" and are easy to put back together. Each piece is a different shape and has a different texture. All pieces are smooth on the back so an upside down piece is easily found. Also you can turn the puzzle on to its backside for more shape fitting challenge fun."

Click this link to purchase the Pre-Braille Puzzles from the OCDAC Adaptive Equipment store on eBay.


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