Service Dog Stories

"The stories of people with disabilities and their canine partners await my telling. Seeking, publicizing, interviewing, gathering, writing, not stopping until an anthology of heart-touching, eye-opening stories is published."

Finally, a full-length anthology featuring true stories about people with disabilities and their service dogs is in the works! Through a project funded by the Lilly Endowment, blind teacher and author Kathy Nimmer is pleased to announce this exciting opportunity. Kathy wants to hear from you! If you have a disability of any kind and have worked with a service dog, you have stories to tell. Maybe instead, you have raised service dogs, or trained service dogs, or witnessed service dogs doing amazing things. Whatever the case, you probably have something to say that would be perfect for this book. You might be a seasoned writer, or you might cringe at the very thought of putting pen to paper. Either way, you can be part of this project.

Kathy welcomes submissions that are precise and perfected, but she also is ready to interview you and be the writer of your stories, if you prefer. Think about incidents with your dogs that were scary, funny, frustrating, encouraging, sad, happy, shocking, empowering, and simply memorable enough to leave their paw prints on your mind. Those are the stories waiting to be told, so click on the link below to check out her website.

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