Assistive Technology Oral History Project

The Assistive Technology Oral History (ATOH) Project was founded by Dave Edyburn and Chauncy Rucker in 2007 to gather first-hand accounts of pioneers in the field of assistive technology (AT). The project uses methodology and protocols used by oral historians who seek to capture the rich experiential knowledge base of a discipline or culture. To date, a small group of supporters have created a list of early contributors that we have used to conduct 19 interviews.

"The initial response has been extremely positive as AT leaders begin thinking about their legacy and new young leaders desire a deeper understanding of the historical context of their profession. We propose to interview as many people as possible who have contributed to the AT field. We digitally record our interviews and have transcripts made of each interview. The audio files and transcripts are then made available online, without charge, through this website. Naturally, we seek to ensure that our documents are universally accessible."

Click this link to visit the Assistive Technology Oral History Project website at


Unknown said…
Thanks for the post! The AT Oral History Project is now hosted by the Neag School of Education at UConn on a new site:

It's a work in progress and we will continue to add more and more interviews by AT pioneers.
Chauncy Rucker

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