Qwitter: the Accessible Way to Access Twitter

From the Qwitter Readme file:

Twitter is an insanely popular micro blogging service, that is, a service which allows you to post short little chunks of no more than 140 characters of text to the web at a time and have these updates, or tweets, as they are called in twitter speak, read by your followers, or the people who are following you.

Qwitter is a program created to make using the twitter system as easy and efficient as possible. There are many advantages to using a twitter client, and qwitter in particular. Here are just a few.

  • Using a client allows for easy and fast response to new tweets. No more going to the web page just to check if you've gotten a new tweet. In fact, one of Qwitter's best features is the ability to check your tweets no matter what you're doing. You don't even have to leave the application you're currently using.
  • Qwitter automatically alerts you when something new comes in, and wherever you are, you can use the various system wide shortcut keys to read your new updates. Once again, this doesn't even take you out of whatever program you're currently working in.
  • With the various buffers that Qwitter uses, you can limit what you see to certain types of tweets, such as replies, direct messages, and sent messages, along with your regular full messages list, and custom buffers that are created for aditional functionality.
  • Qwitter is very easy and intuitive to use.
Click this link to learn more about Qwitter: http://www.qwitter-client.net.
If you don't currently have a twitter account, you may create one at http://www.twitter.com/signup.
Listen and Learn Recordings has created an introduction and review of the Qwitter Client for Twitter: http://www.lalrecordings.com/node/31.

Send Audio with Your Tweets

As of the 4.5 version of Qwitter, you can record or connect audio files to your tweets with Qwitter. Q-Audio provides the backbone for the Qwitter Client's voice clip attachment capabilities. Once audio has been recorded or attached, you can continue to edit your tweet and send as usual. APH uses this method to record audio clips for both our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

You can click this link to visit http://q-audio.net but all the functionality of the site comes from the Qwitter program directly.


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