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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Write a Letter Online, Have it Sent Through the Regular Mail

The following tip came from Lisa to

I found a site that allows you to write a letter online and send it via snail mail. It is easy to use, and does not require registration. Simply fill in the address fields, write your letter and once finished pay with PayPal. Your letter will be printed and sent ( US first class ) within 24 hours. The down side of SnailMailr is that it doesn't support international letters.

A basic letter ( up to 4 pages ) cost $1.00. You can add more pages for $0.10 and remove the SnailMailr logo for $0.15.

The page is broken into an edit box for return address, another for recipient address and text which reads:

"Step 2:
Write your letter"

Unfortunately, This link can't be clicked in the normal way by pressing enter. Instead, I had to turn MSAA mode off, root my mouse to the words "Write Your Letter," and left click. Once I did this, I was taken to a page where I was able to type in my letter. There are also well-labeled links with shortcut keys for choosing fonts and highlighting, but I did not try these.

Below the newly typed letter is another such link for sending. I also used the mouse to click this and was taken to a page where I clicked on "amazon" to pay. From there, the operation is the same as buying anything on Amazon Marketplace.

Though the site could stand to be more accessible, it is a great alternative for someone who is unable to easily address an envelope or who doesn't have stamps handy.

Click this link to write a letter with

Aman Singer says that "this method of sending letters has been my preferred way, without enclosures or with enclosures that can be scanned, for quite a while, it's easier to use than the standard method, doesn't require any kind of work on an envelope, takes a shorter time (I try to send from a closer location than my own so that the letter arrives more quickly), and I can do it anywhere with any PC rather than requiring a printer, envelope, mailbox, someone to check I haven't made a mess of the envelope, stamp, etc. Privacy goes out the window, of course, but for some letters, that isn't a significant issue.

there are tons of similar services, shipping worldwide from all over the world. has a list. My favourite, not because they're cheap but because they have quite a few printing stations and I like their site's interface with Jaws, is they also do Braille and Audio letters, which can be useful, though I haven't tried to send any such letters through them. The Braille and audio letters are quite expensive.

Unlike other services, I haven't found a way to upload files to them with images."

1 comment:

Snailmailr said...

Hi Michael McCarty,

I am Kevin, the developer of Snailmailr, an easy way to send a letter online.

I read your post about the poor accessibility of Snailmailr, and I'd like to improve it in a future release.

If I write to you when the improved release is out, will you try to use the site again, and review its accessibility?

Or, perhaps you could connect me with someone who I could work with?

I hadn't thought too much about Snailmailr's usefulness to those who are blind, or handicapped in someway, but it does make sense. And I apologize for the omission.

Thanks Michael, please contact me at


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