Blind retirees facing challenges

by Donna J. Jodhan

This is the one segment of our society that so many of us often fail to remember. The blind retiree, and trust me when I say that this group is growing in number. Just picture it! A person works for over 25 years and lives a normal life. That is, he/she lives with normal vision and works either in an office, or for themselves. Then they retire with so many high hopes for happy retirement years but then one day... Their vision fails them due to one reason or another. What is the next step?

In a nutshell, a blind retiree is faced with many challenges. First, their world has been plunged into darkness. They can no longer read, write, watch TV, or enjoy the beauties of nature. They are afraid to venture outdoors without the aid of family or friends. They no longer feel that they can enjoy the pleasures of gardening, playing golf, sailing, traveling, plus so much more. In short, their whole world has changed because they have unexpectedly lost their vision and now they are fighting to stay afloat.

For the majority of blind retirees it is indeed a tremendous challenge to remain positive. True it is that there are several things that can be done to help them readjust. They now have to depend on their ears to gather information and they have to learn brand new techniques to help them continue to live their lives in as normal a way as possible. They suddenly find themselves having to depend on family and friends for assistance. No more being able to admire those visual beauties and hello to depending more on their other senses.

Governments and communities are going to have to start paying more attention to the needs and demands of blind retirees but most important of all they will need to start understanding and recognizing the challenges of blind retirees. For make no mistake about it, this group is growing at a steady pace and this trend is not expected to change for the long term future.

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