Completely Remove and Uninstall Windows Live Messenger and MSN Messenger

Windows users like to use Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as MSN Messenger) for instant messaging because the application comes with every installation of the Windows operating system. Windows users can conveniently use it without searching for other IM programs.

There are some who hardly use Windows Live Messenger and find it an eyesore in their computer's system. If you are one of them, the MSN removal/uninstall tool WLMUninstall could be something of interest.

WLMUninstall is a simple and standalone program which doesn’t require any installation. Users download the tiny program and execute the file. Click the “uninstall” button and the free MSN uninstall tool will remove Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger completely from the computer.

Click this link for the direct-download of the WLMUninstall application.


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