Ebook: Exploring Word 2007 with JAWS

Are you afraid of Microsoft Word 2007? Maybe intimidated by it? This ebook walks you through the ribbons and features using JAWS for Windows 10, a screenreader for people who are visually impaired. The author, Toni R. Fraser, has taken the fear out of learning this program. He has a very unique way of teaching Word 2007 that he has not seen any other developer do. He feels his book is easy to understand and user friendly. Download it and see for yourself.

Click this link to preview and download Exploring Word 2007 with JAWS by Toni R. Fraser.


Anonymous said…
Hi, this is Toni Fraser. Thank you so much for posting the information about my book on your site. And thanks to all who have interest enough to read about it here. The only change I would like to make to this article is that I am female, not he.
Anonymous said…
For anyone interested, my Exploring Microsoft Word 2007 with JAWS book is about to be published by the National Braille Press, http://www.nbp.org/

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