iSleepDiary: the Website to a Good Night's Sleep

Many people who are blind or visually impaired have issues with sleep. No one seems to know exactly why, a good study still needs to be done to find an exact cause. Until then, we have iSleepDiary.

If you are looking into the best way of counting sheep, this site is exactly what the doctor ordered. As its name denotes, it is a repository of information regarding the fine points of an activity that is more important to the body than actual nourishment. It is also an activity which can be easily disrupted, and whose balance (if altered) will ensure your whole day is pure shambles, because you did not renew your energies the way you should have the night before.

This site deals with sleep by having the user answer a series of direct questions, and the results are used to create a diagnosis that would put Gregory House and his team to shame. Well, maybe not, but the diagnoses are quite comprehensive. And (best of all), the information you provide is stored and displayed as graphs as time goes by.

I do have sleep issues, and I know the condition can hinder social interaction and the professional performance of any individual. Hopefully, this site (and others like it) will help all of us lead a more balanced life.

Click this link to track your sleep patterns with


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