LazLight high Performance Reading Lamp

The LazLight was designed specifically for people with low vision, aging eyes and Macular Degeneration. This is not an ordinary reading lamp, but rather, a serious lighting tool.

This hand-crafted lamp produces extremely high levels of light that were previously unavailable to the public. It works like a spotlight on your reading surface, significantly increasing contrast and color without any eye damaging “blue light hazard.” With its unique dimmer switch and gooseneck, the light can be easily adjusted to best fit the user’s needs.

LazLight inventor Ronald Lazarus has been in the lighting industry for over forty years. He has been involved in all phases of the lighting industry: as the owner of a lighting store, a lighting fixture factory and a lighting agency. He is accepted as an expert witness in general lighting in court.

The “LazLight” is made in the USA and comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty that covers all parts including the light bulb.

To learn more about the “LazLight” High Performance Reading Lamp, or to order your own “LazLight,” please visit the website:


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