Time to Take Back

by Donna J. Jodhan

For too long, blind and visually impaired persons have had to put up with unhealthy attitudes from society, companies, and governments. For too long, we have had to put up with second class treatment, inaccessible websites, and lack of access to information. For much too long, we have had to put up with persons telling us that we can't rather than telling us that we can.

We continue to be dominated by mainstream persons designing and developing websites for us, actually dictating to us how we need to access the Internet. We continue to put up with companies refusing to provide adequate service to us. We continue to accept shoddy products that are supposed to be usable by blind and visually impaired persons but in essence these products are very unusable because of lack of manuals in alternate formats. For some reason, we continue to put up with inadequate services, products and information from both companies and governments.

It is time for us to take back our lives. Time for us to stand as one and say enough is enough. Time for us to say that if you dare to tax us then you must treat us like the rest. Time for us to raise our voices and say hey! We need to be treated like everyone else. If everyone else can have access to services, products, and information, then we also need to have the same access. In short, equal access.

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