Upload MP3 Files To YouTube

If you've ever tried uploading MP3 files to YouTube, you know that YouTube does not support this feature directly. Until now the only way to upload the MP3 file to Youtube was to convert it into a video file first and upload it as a video file.

Now you can avoid doing this and save time by using a service called Mp32Tube. By using this online application, anyone can easily upload MP3’s to Youtube.com without converting anything.

Go to Mp32Tube and select an MP3 file and the image that you want to use as a thumbnail on YouTube. Next choose whether you want it to be uploaded to your YouTube account or an MP32Tube account. Click on the “upload” button and wait for the sharing URL. It might take a few minutes before the file becomes accessible and playable online.

Currently, Mp32Tube is free to use. Premium accounts with more features (multiple image and file upload, no waiting times, faster speed) are likely to be introduced in the future.

Click this link to upload MP3 files to YouTube with http://www.mp32tube.com.


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