Accessible websites, not a priority in bad economy?

by Donna J. Jodhan

Very obvious to the keen observer! In a bad economy, making one's website accessible is definitely not a priority but then the question is: When would accessible websites become a priority? If the economy is bad then companies have some good reasons to give us. Such as: Saving jobs is more important, cutbacks on spending are the priority, a freeze on new projects is paramount in order to conserve funds, and so on.

In a good economy, companies often give reasons such as: It is too costly to make websites accessible at the moment and projects that generate revenue need to be undertaken first, new employees are needed to design and develop websites and services, and accessible websites are too costly to implement. Besides, accessible websites would not be beneficial to the mainstream person.

Too bad but what most companies fail to see is that if they take the time to make their websites accessible from the outset, none of these reasons or excuses would become necessary in good or bad times but getting back to the point at hand: We should not expect companies to give their attention to accessible websites during hard economic times. Not going to happen.

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Unknown said…
no....we can not let businesses off this easy... absolutely not. if we as a community are seen to back down so easily with an excuse like this, they will just keep generating similar excuses. do you think the defb would take "sorry closed captioning is not a priority in a bad economy"? knowing defb people the answer is Hell NO! they will not. Why should we be told that we as an audience are not a priority? it is important to stand strong and firm, if businesses do not feel we are important lets remind them exactly why we are and not frequent their services, and advise our friends, families and coleagues to do the same.... I do not appreciate APH encouraging the blind community to give heartless business the easy way out.
Michael McCarty said…
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Michael McCarty said…
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