AFB eLearning Center on Aging and Visual Impairment

Developed and produced by the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) Senior Site, this web-based training program is for service providers who work with older adults experiencing vision loss. The material presented will benefit anyone working with adults with vision loss. The content is designed for professionals who are not trained in vision loss, as well as those who have either formal or informal training in blindness rehabilitation and seek a refresher on the many aspects, implications, and far-reaching effects that vision loss has on an individual, the family, and society.

The content in this training program is based on two premises:

  1. Older persons with vision loss should have services and opportunities for learning to help them maximize independent living potential and quality of life.
  2. These services should be provided by individuals who are knowledgeable, interested in the welfare of those whom they serve, and committed to the concept that older people with vision loss can learn and take charge of their lives.

The eLearning Center is divided into four modules, each of which includes several courses on specific topics related to the overall module topic. Each of the courses is a stand-alone course and includes references and resources that will help service providers apply new knowledge in carrying out the job. At the end of each course is a 10 question post-test. The post-test requires a 70% accuracy rate to receive a certificate of completion for the course. For an additional fee, continuing education hours for ACVREP will be available late fall, 2009 and for CRC in January, 2010.

The eLearning Center also includes a general section on Resources with information related to the history of services for older people with vision loss, conducting a public education campaign, the aging network, scenarios regarding family relationships, and social and legal issues that confront older consumers and the laws that protect them.

Experts from around the country have generously shared their knowledge and expertise in writing the content for the courses that related to the area in which they specialize. In addition, experts in aging and vision loss services and programs reviewed and edited the content.

Click this link to visit the AFB eLearning Center on Aging and Visual Impairment website.


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