Guiding Light Mailbox: Good for the Visually Impaired, but Not So Good for Your Neighbors

This is one of those gadgets that might be useful, but your neighbors are going to hate you for it. 

It’s always a pain when you’re trying to find a house and everyone has numbers posted that can barely be seen.  It is equally difficult when you're leaving your house and trying to find your mailbox without stepping into the road. Well with this mailbox, you’ll make sure that anyone can find your house and that you can find the mailbox. It has a bright light behind the numbers, the light will allow for people to see your mailbox from half a football field away.  I’m sure the neighbors will just love that.

At least it manages to keep that bright light up and running in an eco-friendly manner. It has a solar panel on the top.  You won’t have to worry too much about cloudy days causing issues for the light, it only takes about four hours of sunlight to keep it charged for four days.

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