SELECT Versatile Video Magnifier

The Select is a desktop video magnifier for people with low vision. With the Select, you can easily read books and newspapers, write letters, manage your finances, do hobbies and much more. Featuring a flexible 3 in 1 camera, the Select is ideal for near, distance and self viewing.

  • Easily view a classroom board
  • Magnify your television screen
  • View across the room and see any object
  • Enjoy reading a novel, the latest newspaper article, or today's headlines
  • Stay active by doing crosswords
  • Reconnect with that long-time hobby
  • Keep up with family and view the latest photos
  • Read recipes
  • Keep track of your finances

The Select Desktop Video Magnifier is designed to fit the individual end user with fully adjustable positioning of both monitor and camera. Position the auto focus camera for distance and side viewing, straight down for reading documents or even aimed back at the user as a mirror image. Provides choice of true color, enhanced black on white and reverse white on black contrast viewing. It magnifies 2X to 65X. All controls are conveniently placed on the bottom of the monitor for easy operation. The monitor is connected to an adjustable arm, which may be positioned above, level, to the left or right of the X - Y table to provide the customer with the most comfortable viewing angle. The Select X - Y table is unique in that it contains a small storage space for pens and papers.

  • 3 in 1 Camera: Near, distance and self viewing.
  • Color, Autofocus,Ball bearing table movement, Desktop viewing
  • Reading Table: Movement pads, Unrestricted workspace, Storage compartment
  • Glass Optics: Magnification range 2x to 65x
  • Illumination: Light emitting diodes (LED's), Rated for 100,000 hours of use
  • Power Supply: Input Voltage 100-240 V AC, Frequency 50-60 Hz
  • Controls: Zoom in, Zoom out, Viewing Modes, Brightness, On/off, Electronic
  • Locking Table Image Choices: Picture mode for enhanced viewing of images. High contrast text modes
  • Video Output: LCD compatible
Click this link to purchase the SELECT Versatile Video Magnifier or call 800-560-7226.


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