Site Where the Music Matches Your Mood

When we feel down and out, there's nothing like a sad song to help us drown in our tears. Some people give uplifting numbers a try in order to escape a bad moment they feel they couldn't get out of otherwise. Whatever your situation, I have a site for every mood, even the romantic one. is a sort of web-based emotional radio that will let you set your emotions to music. It's as simple as it sounds. All you do is choose a mood and away you go. If you feel broken-hearted, you can simply blast “One” by U2, if you feel unstoppable, you can play The Proclaimers “I’m On My Way”, all lovey-dovey, try “Unchained Melody”.

Music is such a part of our lives, there's no escaping its effect. This site gives us the chance to discover some new favorites based on what we're feeling at the time we visit.

Click this link and let your emotions guide you to new music at


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