Provide a Comfortable Bed of Warmth for your Dog Guide

Doesn't your dog guide deserve the very best?

Give your dog guide or household pet a nice, large bed to keep warm at night and/or during the cold months of the year, use the Petmate Heated Orthopedic Indoor Pet Bed. It offers a steady stream of heat on a large, rectangular bed made of suede and natural Berber. The larger size of the bed makes it ideal for dogs, but will certainly work for cats as well.

The soothing low voltage bed is designed to be used indoors exclusively, and simply plugs in to a standard outlet. It features a chew resistant power cord, totally safe for your pets. The bed measures 30" Wide, 40" Long and 2" Thick.

Click this link to purchase the Petmate Heated Orthopedic Indoor Pet Bed from


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