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I've been looking for a service like this for the last few weeks. I was using a service called Twittermail to convert email messages to links that I could share with the Fred's Head followers on Twitter. The service has pprooved unreliable by not always sending my links to Twitter. I'm looking forward to giving this service a try.

ForwardOn is a web service that provides an alternative way to share your favorite email messages with others. Instead of forwarding them to your friends individually, ForwardOn lets you send them to and convert them to html pages by publishing them to your personal account. Your messages will be presented on a clean formatted web page along with any attachments like videos, pictures or audio. Using the website is very easy and requires sign up.

You can also browse email messages shared by other users, check out most popular shared items, rate them and leave comments. ForwardOn also has a reward system where, depending on the popularity of your posts, you can get points which can be redeemed as prizes or donations to several organizations.

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Next time you receive an email cool enough to share with those who follow you on Twitter, a site like Tweet Your Mail will let you do the sharing and save a considerable number of steps in the process. This web-based tool will let you tweet email messages by sending them to a master address ( Upon doing so, a web page of your original mail will be created and a tweet directing your followers to it will be sent to Twitter. All it takes is creating a free account!

Click this link to convert email messages to tweets with


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