Early Braille Trade Books

Sunshine Kit 1

Finding the right book for young students is now easier!

The Early Braille Trade Books Project combines commercially available books with braille labels for beginning readers. This kit includes books, braille labels, and access to an interactive website, please visit: http://tech.aph.org/ebt/

  • Contracted or uncontracted braille labels
  • Match books to a student based on braille knowledge
  • The interactive website allows you to:
    • Search for books by genre, core curriculum, or expanded core curriculum
    • Access a book summary and activities designed for braille readers
    • Maintain a listing and percentage of contractions learned by each student -- great for documentation at IEP meetings
    • Share or transfer student records to other teachers
Sunshine 1 Kit Includes

14 books, label packs, and a Quick Start Guide:

  • Along Comes Jake
  • Bread
  • The Cooking Pot
  • Mr. Grump
  • The Monkey Bridge
  • Noise
  • Nowhere and Nothing
  • Old Grizzly
  • Ratty-Tatty
  • The Seed
  • Spider, Spider
  • The Tiny Woman's Closet
  • What Would You Like?
  • Where Are You Going, Aja Rose?

Notes: Customer applies the included braille labels. A user ID and password are required to access interactive website.

Contracted Braille Kit:
Catalog Number: 3-00201-00

Uncontracted Braille Kit:
Catalog Number: 3-00202-00

Contracted Braille Label Packs (labels only):
Catalog Number: 3-00201-CL

Uncontracted Braille Label Packs (labels only):
Catalog Number: 3-00202-UL
Click this link to purchase the Early Braille Trade Books: Sunshine Kit 1.

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