Locate Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free

I'm always looking for a good deal and this site has them.

If you eat out with your family on a regular basis, KidsEatFor is definitely for you. It's a website that helps you locate restaurants where kids eat for free. Just type in your address or zipcode (US only) and hit “search”, KidsEatFor will then give you a list of nearby restaurants that offer kids specials.

In case you know a restaurant in your area that is not listed, you can submit it for inclusion. You can even sort results by days of the week to get in on those daily specials. The restaurant’s address and phone number is also presented.

Click this link and feed your kids ffor free by searching at http://www.kidseatfor.com.
You might also want to check http://www.kidsmealdeals.com for kid-friendly deals at other restaurants as well.


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