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Favorite-TV Shows is a website that streams episodes of various American TV shows online. This website has a wide selection of videos with the latest episodes from current-running TV series such as Heroes, Glee, Fringe, True Blood, and Family Guy.

Simply pick the show and choose the season and the episode you want to watch. Episodes stream using Flash technology, the player controls are not accessible to screen readers, but I did get the episodes to play and the sound was good.

You can view episodes from TV shows that are not aired anymore like That 70’s Show, Ally McBeal, Arrested Development and my personal favorite, Star Trek. Streaming is free and you don't need to sign-up in order to access the shows.

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If you're outside of the US and sick of not being able to see good TV online or just tired of waiting for Hulu to get your favorite shows, you'll want to check out TVGorge and its huge archive of shows.

TVGorge breaks through international barriers by bringing fresh American TV content to viewers outside of the United States and other approved viewing areas. Want to see the season premier of LOST without waiting several months for it to be released in your viewing area? You can watch LOST as well as 125+ other popular television shows like Dexter, Dollhouse, Entourage, and Archer.

How does TVGorge bring in such fresh content? They use an indexing engine to scan for the online content offered by other sites and then organize the content with accessible episode guides and other information, all repackaged for the enjoyment of people inside and outside the reach of traditional streaming services like Hulu.

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Now that you've watched your favorite show, why not learn all you can about it. Do you know about the Internet Movie Database? If you do, chances are you will take a liking to this site. We could say it does for TV shows what IMdB does for movies. They say it's “an open database for television fans.”

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