Accessible Interactive Monopoly and Uno

Come join the fun of the classic board game Monopoly In Your Web Browser! Monopoly in the Browser is an accessible multiplayer game based on the classic Monopoly PC edition developed by RS Games. It borrows some similar features from their Monopoly PC game.

Monopoly in the Browser can be played anywhere you have access to a browser. Mac, Linux, etc. You can also play it on a friend's PC if you don't want to download anything. You can play this exciting game against people playing the web version, PC version, bots, or any combination of these. Note: You DO NOT need Flash or Java to play this game. You will, however, need a screen reader to play Monopoly In Browser.

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RS Games Uno is an accessible, online, multiplayer version of the classic card game Uno! It utilizes the RS Games client, which allows players to play against each other from around the world, via the centralized RS Games server.
Features include:
  • Ability to chat with your friends
  • Full multiplayer capabilities
  • Complies with Uno rules
  • Ability to leave a game when you want to
  • Can rejoin your game if your internet is down/computer goes off
  • Runs on a server, so you will never have to type an IP in
  • Full, easy to use menus
  • Ability to play against bots

The RS Games Client

The RS Games client is a revolutionary game client that allows people to play games against each other through a central server hosted by RS Games. Unlike RS Games Monopoly, which was a single game, the RS Games client allows players to play multiple games. This means that when RS Games releases a new multiplayer title, you can easily start playing from the convenient client, without downloading any new software.
Perhaps one of the coolest features of this client is that it is cross-platform, that is, users of the Linux and Mac OS X operating systems can now enjoy RS Games Monopoly, RS Games Uno, and any future multiplayer titles we release.
"The RS Games Client makes use of a protocol we have created, we call ZGP. You do not have to download any new software when we release a new title. Just login, select the game, and the sounds will automatically download. Once this process completes, you can start playing right away!"
Features include:
  • Works on Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • One software download for ALL multiplayer card and board games.
  • Automatic sound downloading when a new title is released, and you choose to play it.
  • Super quick bug fixes. "Since almost all the work is being done on the server, we can fix most bugs quickly, and add new features in, without you ever having to download anything."
  • No more downloading of DirectX or .NET, which some users found annoying. Will automatically detect and use your screen reader, or use SAPI. (SAPI is Windows only)
  • You can have one account for ALL games.
RSGames Client


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