Braille Eni Puzzle

We're always on the lookout for games and toys modified with braille. This product comes to us from the Seen From The Heart blog and was posted by Carter.

From the blog:

"I bought this off of the other day, and decided to check it out before I posted about it. I was slightly concerned it was junk, but we really like it. It's sold out on amazon though! I don't know if they are getting more or what. They can also be found on this website, hopefully, some of those places have websites.

Basically, this is a popular puzzle toy from Korea. There are several different versions, and one of them has braille on it. You move the pieces around the column to get them in rows, or to create a certain pattern. It's basically like a rubix cube, only a different shape. (Since rubix cubes are easier to come by, you could just braille one of those. Mark all of the reds with a "1", orange with a "2", or you could associate a letter to each color. You could even spell a name or something else personal.)

Anyway, we do like this toy. Our daughter is much too young for it, but we had fun doing it. At first I had trouble getting the pieces to move easily, and was frustrated. But, once we had moved all of the pieces, they started moving easier. They click into place, so a blind person would be able to hear when they have them lined up, and when to make a new "move."

I think it is a neat little trinket, and would be perfect for long car trips, or whenever you want to keep your little ones occupied for awhile."


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