Connect Your iPod to a TV

Using iPod's "TV-out" feature, you can view slideshows and videos from your iPod on a TV screen. There are a couple ways to do this depending on what kind of accessories you want to buy. These steps will walk you through ways you can connect a TV to an iPod.

Using the iPod AV Cable

Use the Apple iPod AV cable. This plugs into the RCA ports on your TV or VCR and is by far the easiest method.

  1. Connect the AV cable into your iPod. Plug the small end into the iPod where the earbuds would go.
  2. Connect the red RCA plug. This goes into the right audio input of the television or VCR. The colors should match.
  3. Connect the white RCA plug. This plugs into the left audio input of your TV. Connect the yellow RCA plug. This goes into the video input of your TV.
  4. Begin playing a video on the iPod.

Using the iPod Dock

Find the right input on your TV. First, try channel 3 or 4. Next, find an "Input" or "Video" button on your TV or remote and scroll through the options until the video appears.

  1. Use the Apple universal iPod dock. This lets you use S-video for a slightly better picture. Place the iPod in the dock.
  2. Connect the S-video cable to the S-video Out port on the dock. Connect the other end of the S-video cable to the S-video Input on the TV.
  3. Connect the AV cable to the Line Out port on the dock.

TV-out is only supported by iPod video and iPod photo. Click this link to visit Apple's support site to learn more about connecting an iPod and iPhone to a TV.


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