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Is College turning out to be a bit tricky for you? I do recall that my first year was difficult, if only because there was such a world of experiences and activities to go through. The actual courses weren't that difficult, but if you mixed the obviously daunting aspect of a whole new change of scene with the increased number of responsibilities, then I think we all can agree on what makes College so difficult to begin with.

As a blind student, I learned that networking with other students was the way to go. It helped me get notes, learn my way around campus, I even learned where the best places to eat were located.

Notelog is the place to find, share, and create college notes! Instantly view notes and documents absolutely FREE! Have a question? They have answers! Connect with the fastest growing social network dedicated to notes, knowledge, and know-how! Everyone is an expert at something, share knowledge, answer questions, and earn money. It's that simple!

  • Instantly view, create, & download college notes, documents, & eBooks absolutely FREE!
    Study smarter not harder! Learn faster with better notes and start earning better grades.
    Ask, answer, and discuss questions covering just about any topic!
  • Collaborate to graduate! Share notes, knowledge and know-how with anyone around the world using Facebook, Twitter, and more!
    Create study groups to collaborate and discuss class materials in a specific academic subject or course.
  • No more need to email papers or projects. Simply store & manage them all on Notelog!
  • Studying abroad, full-time, half-time, online or offline no matter what type of student you are Notelog can make college easier!
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NOTE: Not all features of this website are compatible with screen readers and magnification programs.


Unknown said…
Great posting. We at Notelog are trying to make college easier for everyone!

Mike (Co-Founder) -

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