How Better Customer Service to Special Needs Consumers Can Increase Revenues and More

by Donna J. Jodhan

This is a statement that I preach to my clients every day. If you improve your customer service to special needs consumers then there is no doubt that you will accomplish some very astounding benefits such as:

  • You will increase your revenues,
  • You will expand your customer base,
  • You will improve your business image,
  • You will become the darling of your industry.

Why you ask?

By improving your overall customer service to special needs consumers, you will show that you truly understand your consumers. You will also show that you are not just thinking of today, but also tomorrow and way beyond. You will show that you are listening to what your consumers are demanding and not tell your consumers what they should be demanding as too many companies tend to do. For make no mistake about it! As the years roll by, special needs consumers are going to be making up more and more of your consumer base and who are those special needs consumers that I dare to mention?

Seniors, those afflicted with disabling diseases, the blind and visually impaired, those who are hard of hearing, those afflicted with cognitive and learning disabilities, the physically challenged, the print disabled, those whose first language is not English, and? Yes, those busy professionals, the single parents, and parents with young children. You see, many, many consumers with special needs for you to improve your customer service to. Be nice to them and they will keep coming back to you and you know what? Their loyalty will be undying.

One last suggestion: With more and more persons becoming victims of loss of sight, it would not be a bad idea for companies to make themselves aware of the types of products and services that will be needed. Learning now will certainly help to avoid many unnecessary incidents in the future. Get to know more about the types of technologies that blind and sight impaired consumers use, how you can make your websites more accessible to them, and the types of services that they need in order to remain happy customers.

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