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There is so much going on in the publishing industry these days, new ebook readers (each with different features), new formats of books, changes in pricing methods, etc. Accessible books publishing company, ReadHowYouWant, has a blog at where you can gather information on the publishing industry as well as accessibility issues. Included in the blog are profiles of publishing partners, technology news updates, book reviews, and more.

ReadHowYouWant encourages readers to become a member of the publishing community by following advancements in technology, and by commenting on blog posts and news stories as often as possible. Publishers and technology companies can send announcements for possible posting to, and are always welcome to comment on posts as well.

Posts on the ReadHowYouWant blog have included:

  • Featured Publisher Partner: Basic Health Publications
  • Scratch Kitten Goes to Sea reviewed by Large Print Reviews
  • RHYW Responds to Possible WIPO Expansion
  • Solutions for Visually Impaired Readers
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