Wild Music: The Sounds and Songs of Life

While parts of this site may not be easily accessible to someone using a screen reader, it offers the classroom teacher the chance to teach using the world of sound. Low vision students may not have as difficult a time accessing the site, there is lots of Flash content that could be difficult to figure out for someone who can't see the graphics.

Wild Music is a fun and educational website on which students can learn about sounds commonly heard in nature. Students can listen to the sounds and explore what creates those sounds. Some of the activities students will find include a game of animal audio memory in which students hear sounds and have to match them to each other. Students can find activities such as The Mosquito in which they compare their hearing to the hearing of various animals.

Wild Music is a resource that could be used by both science and music teachers. Science teachers can use the site as an exploration of the sounds animals make and why they make those sounds. Music teachers can explore how the sounds of nature influence musicians.

Click this link to visit http://www.wildmusic.org.


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