Fully Accessible Talking Glucose Meter System

I received the following via email and wwanted to share it with you.

Prodigy Diabetes Care, LLC is known in the diabetes industry for the innovative Prodigy products we make along with our high quality, accuracy, new features and affordable cost.

Prodigy is the only manufacturer in the diabetes industry to respond to the challenge of producing a fully accessible talking glucose meter system, the Prodigy Voice, which offers a blind or low vision user total independence. Prodigy is honored to be the only company to receive National Access Awards from both the National Federation of the Blind and the American Foundation for the Blind for our Prodigy Voice. As Prodigy’s goal is to serve blind patients with diabetes; much of our profit goes back into research & development for more new products towards this end.

Statistics show that less than 5% of the blind and vision impaired diabetic community are now using a Prodigy talking glucose meter. It appears that our goals are the same, i.e. providing proper education and making quality products to equip and enable blind diabetics with the tools and resources they need to independently Live Well with Diabetes.

In 2010, Prodigy plans to release three innovative new products to serve the blind and vision impaired diabetes community. We are actively working to make our products readily available with home healthcare groups (mail order) and retail chain stores nationwide. If you encounter a location that does not carry our products, please request they do so and let us know so we can support your request as well.

Please contact me as soon as possible, or you can also speak with Bernadette Jacobs at 410-455-5311 or bandbjacobs@verizon.net so we can continue our work on the Prodigy products made for the vision impaired people we both serve.

Jerry Munden (Living well with Type I for 30+ years ... and you can too!)
Vice President of Business Development
Prodigy Diabetes Care, LLC
9300 Harris Corners Parkway, Suite 450
Charlotte, NC 28269
Phone: 704-285-6454
Fax: 704-285-6495 Email: jerrym@prodigymeter.com
Web: http://www.prodigymeter.com


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