Give Us a Chance to Show You

by Donna J. Jodhan

It is always a pleasure for me to explain to those who have very limited interaction with those who are blind, that as blind persons we can still enjoy life. Yes, we may not have vision; many of us do not have any, and several of us have limited or partial vision. However, it does not stop us from being able to enjoy life in many ways.

No, we can't see the bright flowers, the blue skies, the rising or setting sun, the ocean, and much more! However, we can surely appreciate being able to smell and touch a flower, run our toes through the cool damp grass, appreciate the warmth of the sun, enjoy the singing birds, and so much more. We may not be able to appreciate the graphics and artwork of websites but you know what? We can still enjoy all that others can but we do it differently. By using our other senses. For as long as we can access websites, we will be able to appreciate and navigate like anyone else. For as long as others allow and enable us to access vital information on the Internet, then we too can have fun like anyone else.

Believe it or not, blind persons do enjoy life. We go to the movies, the theater, ball games, we ice skate, ski, play chess, and so much more. We can speak for ourselves, pay our bills, and most important of all, we can work! Yes, that's right! We have the skills and capacity to work. We are Human Beings with the same desires and aspirations as the mainstream person. No, do not think of us as wanting to just sit at home and do nothing. Do not think of us as standing on street corners with a tin cup in hand begging for handouts. Do not think of us as only being able to be good at playing music. There is much more to a blind person beyond what the eye can see. Give us a chance to show you.

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