Internet Your Way to a New Job (JOBONLINE)

Just a few years ago, you could upload your resume to one of the top jobs sites, click a few times to apply for some jobs, and consider your job search well underway.

Today, that isn't enough. The job market is increasingly competitive. Hiring managers are overwhelmed with applications - hiring has changed, and job seekers need to be prepared to use all the online job search tools to their advantage.

Online job searching often seems complicated, but it doesn't have to be - there are tips and tricks you can use to make the process run smoothly and simply. Author Alison Doyle tells you how to:

  • Create your professional presence online
  • Market yourself as a strong candidate for employers
  • Connect with contacts who will help you with your job search
  • Help prospective employers find you
  • Use sites like Facebook, VisualCV, and LinkedIn to your advantage

This book will provide you what you need to know and step you through the process of online job searching, professional branding, social and professional networking, and career building with uncomplicated advice, tips, and techniques on how to effectively find a new job and grow your career.

Click this link to purchase Internet Your Way to a New Job (JOBONLINE) from National Braille Press.


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