Keep Track of Your Children with Squeeky Shoes

This is one of the reasons I love posting articles to Fred's Head. I received this email about a product not designed for the blind, but that could be of benefit to the blind.


I bought a pair of squeaky shoes for my daughter, primarily to help her enjoy the start of walking. She was a late starter, prefering to crawl until i bought her these shoes. They have a fun squeak in the heel which encourages a heel to toe walking action and now i can't get them off her!

My sister also loved them, she bought a pair for my niece which had the same effect of getting her up and about. A surprising side effect occured with their blind cat who can now hear my niece when she's on her way to pet him.

This got me thinking that maybe these shoes have a benefit to blind or partially sighted parents. I know that when i'm out, i know exactly where my daughter is and believe these shoes would benefit others.

I have launched a website at to promote the product and was wondering if you'd kindly place a link on your website? If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Patrick Thomas


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