Puppy Tweets Puts Your Dog on Twitter

Everyone's on Twitter these days. Why not use the service to your advantage with either the household pet or a new dog guide.

Let's say you just got home with your new guide and have to leave the house. How's the new boy going to react? Will he sleep while your gone? Will he bark? Unless you place a recording device in the room you won't know what happens while you're away and a lot of time will pass before you discover the behavior.

Puppy Tweets attaches to your dog’s collar and whenever your dog moves, barks (or just naps), the tag knows it and sends a WiFi signal to your computer which then sends you a Tweet via Twitter. It comes pre-loaded with 500 different phrases that put a funny spin on whatever activity the dog is doing (instead of “I barked”, it tweets “I barked because I miss you. There I said it. Now hurry home”. Cute!

Click this link to purchase Puppy Tweets for your pet or dog guide.


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