Sewing a Seam

Sewing a straight and even seam can be challenging for anyone. Here are some tips on how to use electrical tape as a tactile guide.

  1. Place the fabric pieces, right sides together, matching the raw edges. Pin the two pieces of fabric together to hold them in place.
  2. Cut a piece of electrical tape and adhere it along the raw edge of the fabric on one side. Because the tape is plastic it feels smooth as opposed to the rough texture of the fabric. It creates a consistent and tactile guide along which to sew.

The tape can be reused until it loses its adhesive.

Electrical tape comes in a variety of colors so, for people with some vision, color that contrasts with the fabric may be useful. The combination of contrast and touch can make this task even easier.

You can find colored electrical tape in local hardware stores.

For more tips on mending clothes and other household tasks, read AFB Senior Site's article on Keeping House.
Click this link to check out Hadley School's course, Independent Living for the Visually Impaired.

Article Source:
AFB Senior Site - American Foundation for the Blind


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