BookRenter: Don't Buy Your College Books, Rent Them!

BookRenter lets you rent a book for as long as one hundred twenty-five days, the average semester length, or as little as thirty. A semester rental is usually about fifty percent or less of the retail price with the price falling as the length of rental decreases. They give you an option to purchase the book brand new but that's where the deal finding at BookRenter ends, their business model is definitely geared towards you renting and not buying, the purchase price is full retail.

Most of us only need a print book long enough to scan it into a format we can use, so renting might work fine for someone who needs to convert it into braille.

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Unknown said…
I've recently started taking a look at renting textbooks, and it really seems like a great alternative to buying my books at the bookstore. Most of the time, I find myself getting to the store way too late to take advantage of the used textbook prices. At the end of the semester, I often forget to sell my books early enough to make any real money back. Thanks for the tip about The prices are pretty cheap, and it seems like one of the better textbook rental sites out there.

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