The Doctors Didn't Tell Me

by Donna J. Jodhan

This is nothing new when it comes to the communication between doctor and patient but for those of us who are afflicted with a vision loss! It is even more difficult to deal with. For the mainstream patient they are at least able to access their information through their files but when you are unable to read your own files because they are in printed format! That is an entirely different issue.

So here's what happened to me. In January 2004 the doctors performed surgery on me to reattach my torn retina and at the same time they gave me a new cornea. I lost almost all of my vision but no one really told me why. A second surgery was performed in September of that year and I clearly remember the cornea surgeon telling me that he was very positive that I would receive some restored vision but you know what? It did not happen and again no one really wanted to tell me why despite all of my questions. Then horrors of all horrors! I did not discover the truth until January of 2007 and the discovery came purely by accident.

I had requested a copy of my files from my family doctor and it was when my friend was casually flipping through the pages that she stumbled across a letter that my eye surgeon had written to my family doctor. The letter was explosive and explicit and emphatically stated that during my surgery of January 2004 my eye had been damaged due to blood trickling into it. What a horrible discovery! Devastating and earth shattering! I could not believe that after three years I had to discover this all on my own and it only came through pure coincidence. My friend wept while I sobbed uncontrollably. Why no one ever thought to tell me would always be forever a dark and mysterious secret.

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