The First Game Show Ever Done in Podcast Format

I've mentioned before that I love game shows! I am the guy who watches the Game Show Network all the time. I like the classic shows better than all these new drama-based programs, but I'm open minded to new things and a game show through podcasting is certainly different. What a cool way to bring accessibility to the game show!

From the website:

"If you’re over 18 and from any English speaking country, you can play.  It’s a different kind of quiz show.  It doesn’t just involve your knowledge.  If you can convince people that a wrong answer is actually correct, you may end up winning the game.  We’re giving away cash and prizes to winners.  It’s comparable to the prizes on GSN Radio.  It’s a once-a-week show that we’ll do over Skype (or some phone if absolutely necessary), so it takes no time out of your day.

If you think you have what it takes to play, feel free to enter.  It costs nothing to play and we’ll work with everyone’s schedule.  And again, winners get some cash and prizes so we’re making this a competitive show.  I hope you’ll enter, and we can’t wait to showcase this project.  We’re still doing the news, I just wanted to add a new element and I really hope you enjoy it."

Click this link to enter BuzzerBlog's Podcast Game Show "Double Cross"


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