How to Protect Confidentiality and Privacy

by Donna J. Jodhan

the protection of confidentiality and privacy is becoming more and more important to everyone. Each time we access the Internet our confidentiality and privacy become a part of the picture. Each time we fill out an online form, our confidentiality and privacy become a concern. Each time we enter our most personal information, our confidentiality and privacy need to be considered at the highest level. Each time we enter such info as our date of birth, social security number, credit card number, and first and last name, we give away a large and vital piece of our confidentiality and privacy.

For someone who is sight impaired this becomes much more than the protection of confidentiality and privacy. It becomes an issue of being able to enter one's most private information and complete forms without having to ask someone else for assistance. There are still many websites out there that do not allow the sight impaired the right to enter information independently and it is becoming more and more of a concern to sight impaired Internet users. Not just the sight impaired but anyone who is classified as being print disabled. So, how do we address this problem?

To all web masters:

  1. If you require the user to log in, then make sure that the log in process is accessible to all persons.
  2. Make sure that everyone can easily access your forms and that it is easy to fill out fields within your forms.
  3. Be sure to provide appropriate feedback messages to let the user know whether or not the form has been successfully completed and if it has not, provide sufficient information to tell the user why; with appropriate instructions as to what they need to do in order to successfully complete it.

In short, you need to design and develop websites that print disabled persons can access and use without having to depend on human intervention.

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