Living in a Sighted World

by Donna J. Jodhan

Living in a sighted world is something that I accepted as a child and acceptance is something that enables me to function as best as I can. There are challenges to face; namely unhealthy attitudes on the part of individuals, governments, and society as a whole. There are technological challenges to face; keeping up with the evolution of the Internet using access software that is a few steps behind the times. There are social and employment barriers to deal with as well as barriers from several other quarters but I'll tell you this for sure! At the end of the day when I lie quietly in bed waiting for the sand man to take me off to dreamland, I thank God for my family and friends. Those who have never used my lack of sight as a barrier against me.

Unlike so many others with vision problems, I have been blessed with family who do not really think of me as blind or if they do they have never really allowed it to get in the way. Naturally when I was growing up my parents, brothers, and granny were a bit over protective at times but apart from this I was treated normally in every sense of the way. My cousins acted normally around me but like everything else they always came to my rescue whenever I found myself in difficulty; like bumping into things, unable to find my way, or not being able to find stray or fallen objects.

I have friends who do the same; Debbie in Tennessee who has known me since we were in high school and who recently admitted to me that we never really discussed my blindness until now and when she read my blogs she realized that we had never done so. Gabriella in Toronto; who has never allowed my lack of sight to get in the way of a really warm and treasured friendship. I often call her my electronic cane! Dena in North Carolina; my friend across the border as I call her. This is a very special friendship because you see, we have never met since forming a natural and normal friendship in 2005. She never knew what I looked like until last December and I have trusted her to tell me what she looks like. A blind friendship if I may say so.

There are so many others that I can mention here but for now I think that this is enough for you to get the picture. If you would like to learn more then by all means drop me a line at and I will be happy to respond.

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Barb said…
Great post! I'm legally blind myself so I know first hand a lot of what you are talking about. It's been a hard life but well worth it. I also have a food blog & I've never told my readers I'm legally blind so they don't know it.

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