Physical Blindness VS Mental Blindness

by Lumi Hinata
My maternal grandfather became legally blind when I was young (3) years old only to become totally blind a few years later. I watched him become completely proficient over the years. He went from bumping into objects, feeling wall-to-wall to find his way around to making his own meals and going on vacations out of the country. Although he may have had feelings about never being able to see his grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and all those important images in life, he never once complained. He never once gave up on himself. Up until the day he returned to the essence, he was one of the strongest members of my family. If you looked up perseverance in the dictionary, you would surely find his face next to it.

We all depend on our power senses - sight, hear, taste, touch, smell. Each one serves a particular purpose and when we end up losing one of these senses, we become forced to replace that sense in order to elevate. Case in point - my grandfather lost his vision in not only one, but both eyes. As a result, he was forced to 'focus' more on the remaining senses. Using touch to feel where utensils were in the kitchen and he would remember perfume scents to determine which female family member was near him. If you ever have the privilege of being around someone who is visually impaired you will see how perceptive they are. You could never sneak up on him, he could hear a mile away. So, although he suffered from physical blindness, he found ways to better his condition because he had the mind-set to move on. He knew within himself that he still wanted to travel and live out his dreams to the fullest. But, what happens when a person is lacking 'knowledge of self'? My grandfather clinically was diagnosed as someone with "NLP" or "no light perception", so no matter how he tried, he could not see any form of light. In regards to someone who is lacking 'knowledge of self' they also suffer from "NLP". They have not discovered how to find the light in themselves therefore it is a foreign thought to them.

"He keeps them blind to themselves"

When an individual is 'physically blind' they devise ways to adapt to their surroundings. Now when a person is 'mentally blind' they allow other people of authority around them to construct ways for them to live because they do not see the importance in self. They trust everyone else before themselves. Think of terms that deal with the word "blind". There's "blind date"and "blind spot". A blind date can and has led to a person being completely disappointed. A blind spot can be the reason why you just got into a car accident. So the term 'blind' in itself means "a lack of knowledge'. Why would someone choose to KEEP you blind? Obviously they want to hide a filthy affair of theirs. Why would they choose to KEEP you blind to YOURSELF? Well, a person that does not know their own strengths becomes the perfect pawn in another's game. People will plant fear in you. Why? Because you fear what you cannot physically SEE! "See" is the understanding degree in the Supreme Alphabet. We cannot begin to understand our value if we are busy looking at everyone else around us. We must be perceptive in terms of knowing what we want and what we need in life. We don't want someone else to be able to say they can master us because we are deaf, dumb and what? Blind. We should not be speaking anyone else's language UNLESS it is the Universal greeting of Peace.

A visually impaired man or woman understands that there are currents real cold and warm and some swift and changeable, meaning they can come up on anything. They can encounter a street curb, someone riding too fast on a bicycle and can hit them, a street light not working properly. Anything goes. I remember a waiter in a restaurant tried to cheat my grandfather out of money but unknown to the waiter, my grandfather folded certain $10 bills one way and $20 bills another and so on, so he called the waiter on it! So although he couldn't see, he developed a way to stay swift regardless to whom or what. He didn't take what they waiter said on face value. The waiter was on some "devilishment type (mental)ity", so if you ask me do I hope to see the Gods take the Devil into heel in the very near future, I say INDEED! Its already in the making.

Needless to say, lose no time searching for a way to find your true self. It goes beyond knowing what your favorite food is or favorite color, but really getting to the essence of what you are about, therefore no one else can define YOU by making you blind to yourself and more importantly no one can trick you.


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