What Happens When Things Fall?

by Donna J. Jodhan

This is one of the most difficult challenges of my life. What really happens when things fall? In the ordinary world, a mainstream person simply bends over and picks up the fallen object or if the object has managed to roll away to some out of sight location, the mainstream person simply uses their vision to find it.

For me, the process is quite different. If something falls out of my grasp I can usually locate it by using my sense of hearing to determine where it has fallen but it all depends on whether or not it makes noise as it clatters to the floor. If the object in question falls on to a hard surface, then the task is not too difficult but if it decides to roll away from me then I am in trouble. If the object falls on to a carpet, or if the object itself does not make any noise as it falls, then all hell breaks loose.

A funny thing happened to me a few days ago. A friend was over helping me with some computer related stuff and on his way out he noticed something small lying on my carpet. When he picked it up and put it in my hand I realized that it was an SD card. To my horror I realized that the card had been lying on my carpet for almost three weeks during which time I had vacuumed around that spot a few times. The card had slipped out of my Victor Stream player over three weeks ago and I never knew that it did because I had not had cause to use my player during that time.

O boy! What if my vacuum cleaner had swallowed up my SD card? I would never have known and would only have known when I went to use my MP3 player and even at that! I would never have known what happened to my poor SD card. Horrifying and terrifying! Ah yes! The joys of having to deal with falling objects that do not make sounds and noises.

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