Blind Man Breaks Speed Racing Guinness World Record

Turkish blind pop singer Metin Senturk has defied the odds by breaking the world speed record for driving by a visually-impaired person, according to Guinness World Records.

Senturk reached a new record of 181.44 miles per hour, against the wind in his Ferrari F430, with a 600 horsepower engine. The event took place at the runway of an airport in the eastern Turkish town of Urfa.

During the record attempt, Senturk was given verbal instructions by Volkan Isik, a former rally driver, who followed behind him in another car.

Isik was Senturk's eyes, yelling out directions to Senturk who was wearing an earpiece in his helmet as he drove. Senturk's wife was present, watching her husband on the sidelines.

Turkey's famous blind singer, widely known for his sense of humor about his physical disability was officially recognized by Guinness as the Fastest Speed For a Car Driven Blindfolded or Blind. When asked how he felt about breaking the record, Senturk said, "I don't think there is any word to describe this feeling. I am really happy. I know that it was really hard, like a dance with death." And he said he wouldn't be giving up his new crown anytime soon. "We really worked hard and we believed in ourselves and achieved it at the end. No one can take this record from us. Whoever tries to take it, I am going to beat this one by adding 20 more kilometers and this record will stay with us, forever," he told reporters.

Senturk said the attempt was a project of the World's Handicapped Association, which was founded by himself.

The old record was scooped by a British bank manager Mike Newman with a speed of 176.47 mph.

Article Source:
Most Amazing World Records 2010-2009


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