Dualbrella: Because Your Sighted Guide Needs to Stay Dry Too

My wife and I walk together quite often and sometimes we have to go out in the rain for the emergency trip to the grocery store. I always give the umbrella to her, because I'm a nice guy and all, but most umbrellas are not big enough for the both of us. Have you ever walked into a place with half of your body wet because you couldn't get all of you under your guide's umbrella? You know what I'm talking about.

Now we have a solution to the one wet shoulder problem with the Dualbrella.

This gadget merges a couple of umbrellas into a single device, spanning 6′ wide and 3′ deep. Despite its apparent large size, it isn’t unwieldy since it is made up of lightweight dual steel tubes, stretchers, and ribs that provide a rigid structure which is more than able to endure continued seasons of opening and closing. You need only one hand to hold it, letting your partner feel safe and dry under right beside you.

Click this link to purchase a Dualbrella for you and your guide.


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